ScreenSifter is a unique tool designed to dramatically enhance the productivity and depth of RNAi screens analysis. Its user friendly interface empowers any biologist the ability to ask complex bioinformatics questions.

Pankaj Kumar, PhD
Developer, Bioinformatician
Pankaj Kumar obtained his B. Pharm at the Institute of Technology, India and later his M Pharm at Birla Institute of Technology and Science. Following work experience in India in the medicinal chemistry and Pharmacology, he was awarded a graduate research scholarship from the National University of Singapore in 2005 where he moved to Singapore to undertake his PhD work in Bioinformatics in the Department of Pharmacy in the Faculty of Science under the mentorship of Dr. Chen Yu Zong. In his PhD, he examined database development and machine learning classification of medicinal chemicals and bio-molecules. His work had a strong focus on aiding the drug discovery process by applying various computational methods. Pankaj worked as a Research Fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Frederic Bard from Aug 2009 to Sept 2012 where he analyzed several genome wide RNAi screens and developed this ScreenSifter tool. His research interests span the fields of RNAi screen analysis, next generation sequencing, drug discovery, database development, machine learning, bioinformatics tools and pipeline development. He is also a Sun Certified Programmer for Java Platform (SCJP), Standard Edition 6.0, among his expansive list of advanced computing skills. He is currently working as Research Assosciate in Weil Cornell Medical College in Qatar.    
Frederic Bard, PhD
Principal Investigator
Frederic Bard did his graduate work at Yale University, USA and at the Ecole Normale Superieure of Lyon, France where he obtained his PhD. While a student, he became fascinated with cell biology. For his PhD, he chose to work on the osteoclast, a giant, multinucleated cell that can digest bone. His work led to the first description of the dynamics of the sealing zone, a unique actin structure required for bone resorption. During his PhD, he also started a love affair with the Golgi apparatus and the Src tyrosine kinase. During his postdoctoral work at the University of California San Diego (2001-2006), he identified a collection of genes essential for Golgi organization and protein secretion, the TANGO genes. After joining IMCB in Singapore in 2006 as a Principal Investigator, he went back to studying Src and the Golgi, leading to the characterization of a regulatory pathway operating at the Golgi and controlled by Src. To dissect this pathway, the lab is using RNAi screening. As a PI, Frederic has established the first RNAi screening facility in Singapore.
Other people who contributed significantly in the development of screensifter are : Germaine Goh , Sarawut Wong Phayak , Dimitri Vincent Moreau

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